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Frequently Asked Questions

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      Rules for VOXing

  1. Are there rules and helpful suggestions to effective VOXing?

    The Golden Rule of VOXing – VOX unto others as you would have them VOX unto you. What this means is that often times emotions can carry into your message. Try to imagine receiving the VOX yourself and how you would react to it. The point of VOXing is to mitigate a conflict or disagreement and not to inflame the situation.  On the flip side, in responding to a VOX, take responsibility for the information or insight that they had sent to you and thank them for it. The though the information may be hurtful or maybe even inaccurate, be respectful with your response. We highly recommend you use the VOXtemplates provided in the QuickVOX window.

    According to Dr. Bernatz, the Founder of VOXopolis, has found that the initial anonymous feedback will usually be the worst, yet individuals or organizations with integrity and the desire for continuous improvement will see a significant change over time.

    Dr. Bernatz has also found from his experience as a corporate psychologist that no matter how successful an individual or organization is in their primary field, that all have some sort of “blind spot” that may be a critical flaw in their make-up.  History has shown that great people and organizations have been taken down by their blind spots. Use VOXopolis to uncover yours.

    Unless it’s an urgent issue, it’s a good rule of thumb is give yourself 24 hours so that you may have a measured and thoughtful response.

    If you or your organization is in the process of developing an anonymous information process such as a survey, 360 feedback, or whistle blower mechanism, strongly consider incorporating the interactive feature of VOXopolis into your processes.

    Because VOXopolis is a truly unique service, please be sure to thoroughly read the user Terms and Conditions.

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